double ring ceiling light CD-123

Durable Material: Inside Powder coated Steel Plate + brushed nickel Steel + Harmless plastic; High quality LED chip that provides long life span for your long term use. Super Bright: Say goodbye to dark spots. Made with durable plastic white shade and high quality LEDs, providing consistent 1800 Lumen (100W equivalent to traditional light bulb) illumination throughout the fixture to light up every space of the home or office. Money Saving: Equivalent to a 100W traditional fixtures, this unit saves up to 78% energy. Estimated yearly energy cost of $2.65 based on 3 hours of use per day. Possible Application Areas:? – Applicable for new constructions or remodels. – Perfect application for kitchen, bedroom, dining room, hallway, entry, foyers, restroom, closet, attic, basement, garage, utility room, work areas. – This fixture is also suitable for office, corridor, balcony or any another commercial use.

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